• Why QuotePik is not free?
  • We deliberately did this. If we made it free it will be spammed every where and used by every other person. So product will lose it's value day by day. We then decided to charge a little as 3$/month.

  • Will i be charged automatically every month?
  • Yes! but untill you cancel automatic subscription from your account page.

  • "Unlimited Downloads" details?
  • You have unlimited downloads on all of our plans, because all photos are created on client side which require very less resource usage of our servers.


  • Does this work on mobile too?
  • Yes!! It does work very well on mobile devices too. All credit goes to our developer ;)

  • Why i can't edit the photo even more?
  • We're sorry this was not our goal. Our goal is to make automated creation with minimum interaction. We know it's still not 100% but we'll eventually get there.

  • Why output is different than preview?
  • Output will be slightly different than preview as it is created at backend using Canvas technology. We are always working it to make it more better.