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Create beautiful quote photos personalised with your branding.

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Photos created using QuotePik

How it works?

It's easy. upload photos, set your preferences and download the photos.


Upload Photos

Upload all your photos on your QuotePik account.
Make sure to use our crop tool to make them square.


Set the preferences

Now it's time to set your preferences like quote category, add your social handles, social icons and your branding logo or sign.


Download Photos

Swipe left or right to get new quotes and up and down to change gradients. Download photos and share it on your social media.


We basically add random quotes on your photos with beautiful gradients over them along with your social handle and branding .

It is quick!

You can swipe left or right to change quotes and click up and down to change gradients. We'll be adding more features too.

Why QuotePik?

There are few reasons you should use QuotePik.

Daily Content.

You get something on daily basis which you can post on your social media. It's always great to have consistent content.

Grow Personal Brand.

It's 2019. Personal branding is important more than ever before. 70% of employers checks your social media when hiring.

Personalised Photos

All of your photos are personalized with your branding like logos, signature and social handle.

All Automated

No more complex editing, finding quotes and adding gradients. We do it for you. We'll notify you to post daily.

It starts with just 3$ a month.

Simple pricing - 7 Days free trial



per month
  • 20 uploads/mo
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • All Gradients
  • All Fonts
  • No Watermark



per month
  • Upto 60 photos/mo
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • All Gradients
  • All Fonts
  • No Watermark
  • Priority support
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